Life Through A Keyhole


Don’t stay down for too long
Or you will wind up
Stuck where you don’t want to be
And watching things go wrong




Living and viewing life 

Only through a keyhole 

It will at some point 

Began to take its toll 

On anyone familiar with this 

And what they’ve come to know 

Taking on the same role 

Day in and day out 

Life just not on a roll 

As this further gets exposed 

A closed off world no doubt 

Trying to expand from here 

But with nowhere else to go 

Like living life down in a hole 

Wanting to disappear 

With no desire to get a ladder 

In order to see the surface 

And where the light shows 

Just chit and chatter 

With no different actions 

Just repeating the same old patterns 

Because reality for you 

Someone came along and obviously shattered 

But guess what? 

You don’t have to stay here 

Change up some habits 

So that more opportunities 

Can actually appear 

One side of your face 

Looking only from the inside 

Go ahead and open the door 

And step to the outside 

As you take in some sunshine 

Staring at it with both eyes 

And walk about the area 

Because it is time 

Flexibility and openness 

To refocus and reshape the mind 

For it is time 

To switch gears and this position 

That you’ve been stuck in for a while 

So that you can explore 

And experience the world 

In real time 

On a new frequency and flow 

Because you cannot expect 

To truly live your life 

Only looking through a keyhole 


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