Cross Series: Poem 4 of 5




Moving and shifting around

With an angle

That knows no bounds

And how it is seen and sounds

One crossing over the other

Moving into a position

And pursuing another rendition

That hopes to not create

Any type of opposition

Made from any decision

Going forwards and towards

Another place in time

The important yet also vital things

To not ever leave behind

The various works of mine

Lyrically crossing the line

Forward motions

With every notion

As poetry comes off

Like the very potion

And in literary waves

That will never rewind

Yet streams along

As the vast oceans

Taking you to a place

Within the arts

That you won’t ever

Have to recover from

Or be retrieved

Very valid indeed

And needs no reprieve

All you have to do

Is simply read and breathe

As you take in

And this my friends

Is where it all begins

The crossover


Where writing comes alive

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