Sailing Towards The Shore



Out at sea 

And all alone 

With sun rays keeping you warm 

As you can’t wait  

To place your feet 

Upon solid ground 

And to see another face 

Because out here there is no one around 

Just you and ocean 

As the boat and your motion 

Is moving towards land 

It has been a while  

Since you’ve seen it from this span 

Feeling the currents 

As they brush and crash against you 

Taking in the cool ocean air 

That is surrounding you 

But the time has come 

For you are ready 

To bid it all adieu 

Having set sail without a crew 

And on a voyage 

That was made just for you 

But being out there alone 

And far away from home 

And even though nothing has gone wrong 

You’re just ready to return 

To where you actually belong 

Looking up at the sunlight 

And being near it 

Just always feels right 

As you kept you company 

Along your trip 

Lighting the way 

Right in front of it 

And you 

A view that you decide to choose 

But it’s time to hit land 

Before the night ensues 

But when it’s all over 

You will come back for more 

Never forgetting the day 

That you sailed towards the shore 


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