Crossing The Line

Cross Series: Poem 3 of 5




Be careful with this one

As there is no return

Because soon you will learn

And hopefully not get burned

Needing to skim through

And often discern

The entire situation

With much concern

As you take the avenue

That will hopefully lead to

A better way of life

That is so worth living

And off to a good start

From the very beginning

For if you’ve been losing

You’ll now start winning

And batting high averages

With every inning

That over time

Will shine

As you go through

Your daily grind

With far less frowns

And plenty of smiles

That will be contagious for

Anyone that comes around

That finds themselves

In a predicament

Where they often feel down

And get to a place in life

Where they can turn it all around

And with less time

Instead of more

And all the negatives

Get closed and sealed behind the door

Moving forward with positive activity

Becoming a new habit

With personal proclivities

To one day toast

Wine and dine

From the very decision

That made you

Cross the line


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