Teaching the right methods

And correct ways

Leading the way

Towards much better days

As some would say

To reinstate

And demonstrate

Being led out of a cave

Of illogical thinking

And nonsense reasoning

The need to be

Shown the way

And much needed guidance

We cannot afford to be absent minded

Or wanting to continue

Nor display self-destructive behavior

Time to add some different flavor

And season this with

Much better intentions

That will one day yield results

We can actually be

Proud of and savor

No more being indecisive

And left to our own devices

As the days go by

Time to get off of this road

And take on a new ride

Stop asking why

But rather buckle down

And start being the solution

To the issues that haunts us all

Wanting to take a path finally

That won’t lead to a further fall

It is not impossible

Or just probable

Leave behind what is deemed

To be acceptable

Drawing the wrong conclusions

So many accepting intrusions

As many conspire and collude

And firmly believe that they are

Far more superior and above the rest

The true test

That ultimately affects me and you

As delusions of grandeur continues

Through the systematic

When the pragmatic

Must ensue

Sound reasoning and real truths

But taken in the opposite direction

Becoming contradictory

And apparently destructive

Instead of constructive

An oxymoron if you will

Time to change up the ground war

And begin to appeal

Grabbing the attention of everyone

Interjecting and implementing actions

For the greater good

And now more than ever

Does this need to be understood

Truly finding the will to stop

Crawl out from under these rocks

And start thinking outside and beyond the box

So that we can escape

This paradox


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