Cross Series: Poem 1 of 5




Heading down a road

That no one truly knows

Accept for you

And your intended destiny

Is traveling along a path

After each aftermath

The road up ahead

Prepared before me

To go and see

That we

Will eventually come to a fork

In the road that goes left or right

As this is life

Making a decision

That will go well

Or comeback to bite

Not if but when

You arrive there

Just be aware

Of the many intricacies

That comes with the turns

Of this pair of paths

That one must take

And place on a graph

And seen as a whole

And not half and half

Much care

To not despair

Flipping a coin in the air

And hoping that it lands

In your absolute favor

And reap the results

Of awards that you can savor

And enjoy for years to come

After its all said and done

As you take your stroll

And will see you at

The crossroads


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