Across The Way

Intro to the Cross Series




This is the intro

To the cross series

Wrote up in one day

The pen was moving swiftly

And diligently

As the wind through the trees

Heading across the way

To the minds and eyes

Of the many readers

That I hope to surprise

With more poetry

That will get you thinking

And not wonder why

I wrote this set

It will sound and read differently

It will seem

But they are very much me


And you can bet

That there will be more

As my creative door

Will always remain open

And outspoken

And never a closed store

So, stay tuned

As they are on their way

With much to say and display

In every which way

As this poetic journey continues

And never kept at bay

As they take form and shape

Continuing to share this art

All over and across the way


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