Followup to the poems “Injection”




Allow this poetry

To serve as a vaccination

With no indication

Of hurt or harm

But rather motivation

Of the heart and mind

Seen vastly over time

That will hopefully outshine

And eradicate

Any negativity that ruins a smile

With the main purpose and motive

Is to introduce and continue

Moving across in waves

Ongoing for nights and days

And in such a way

That this injection

Will push out aggravation

Causing a peace and a calm

To come over everyone

Standing within every direction

Inserting harmony and understanding

Where there is none

And the real mission here

Goes beyond having just fun

But rather serious and endearing

Leaving much behind

And never disappearing

Even in tiny crumbs

And will not shun anyone

No matter their walk of life

Or where they come from

To be a boost if you will

Whether on the move

Or lying still

Having absolute appeal

And always real

As the words hug you all

With each reveal

And seal

This art form for the record books

And helped to brighten up faces

Every time they read and looked

At each piece given

Because the poet was very focused

And consistently driven

With lots of dedication

Hoping to increase peace and love

And decrease tribulation

Sending and bringing hope

That will rise above

Through a literary shot

And a lyrical vaccine

To one day know and realize

What this all means

With words and works

Acting as emancipation

Injected and heard around the world

This is the inoculation


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