Believing so heavily but are you able to accept the truth? Or more comfortable not knowing and staying still right where you are….?




To believe in something 

That is close to you 

Near and dear to you 

That encompasses most of who you are 

And where your thoughts reside 

On the inside of your heart 

And also, your mind 

That over time 

Your beliefs become more ingrained 

Even further as you age 

So much so 

That most flexibility and openness 

Is non-existent 

And unable to turn the page 

Believing in such a way 

That anything different 

Would undo your day 

And rock you to the core 

Continuing down this path 

As it happens more and more 

Leaving you confused and sore 

But what if your beliefs 

Are not the real truths 

Or maybe that it’s more about them 

Than you actually know 

Or have ever been taught 

Dismissing this as wrought 

And offended at the mere notion 

That you are being persuaded 

To think a different way 

To see in a different light 

As the very idea itself 

And its very motion 

Has left you jaded 

More than you can say 

It sounds wrong and cannot be right 

But what if it’s exactly this way

What do you do then with your beliefs? 

And the system you have grown in place 

With a frozen bewildered look 

Upon your face 

Because this new info 

You feel is trying to replace 

Who you are and have become 

But remember to always self-improve 

And in this aspect to never be done 

Not all truths are going to sound nice 

Nor there to deceive 

Time to reevaluate yourself 

And to what you believe 


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