Spending Time With Nature



As the days go by 

The meeting with you 

I always look forward to 

And I 

Never ask why 

Natural creature comforts 

As candy before the eyes 

Basking in its radiance 

As the sunlight shines 

And besides 

Beauty so incredible 

That it passes the tests of time 

Naturally falling in line 

With its original design 

And I 

Get to witness and spend some time 

With you 

Dreading the moment 

That I 

Have to bid you adieu 

How to best describe all of your features 

Is the question at hand 

Glaring out and taking in the view 

Across your many lands 

Waters and mountains 

Skies and colors 

But who is counting 

The items on the list 

As you continue to persist 

Being just what you are 

A natural phenomenon 

With no argument or debate by far 

As I 

Look forward to you 

A vast appreciation for everything that you do 

And also provide 

Over centuries of time 

Well before I 

Was even a thought or presence 

In this world 

Reaching out and taking notice of you 

As a flawless pearl 

Displaying the signature 

Of the Creator above 

Always and forever 

And with lots of love 

More than we can give you in return 

Or even began to speak of 

But I 

Will do my best 

Despite all of the rest 

Of people residing here 

Within this Earth 

Showing appreciation for you 

And help journey a turf 

That will always have you in mind 

For I 

Will always enjoy and look upon you 


As you and I spend some time 


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