Feel This Fire

The followup to the poem “Feel The Heat”




Lighting words on fire 

Destined to go higher 

I will never retire 

Nor bravery expire 

For if you attempt to breach 

I will have to unleash 

A poetic and lyrical beast 

That is me 

Close within reach 

A fire that you can always see 

From every direction 

No matter from the South 

North, East, or West 

Do good to heed this warning 

When these words come swarming 

More than likely will be alarming 

As lyrics start forming 

My mind is brainstorming 

And possessing much energy 

As an electrical current 

Will scorch anyone 

That comes upon this porch 

As I am destined  

To carry the torch 

Of this art form 

Well beyond the norm 

No equal parts or sum 

Obliterating anything in my path 

And when it’s all said and done 

I would have won 

Engaging metaphors and puns 

Lines upon lines 

Many as lasers and not to be outdone 

Not just in this for fun 

And you have been warned 

By the effects that will radiate 

All over and keep you warm 

Filled with much charm 

But can burn everything in my way 

Right down to the very crumbs 

Formed in the cranium 

Thoughts bigger than most stadiums 

Never heinous 

Yet still causing mania 

For I refuse to succumb to failure 

Far from conjecture 

Bringing with me lyrical texture 

This is not an option 

For me to stop this 

Not content with just satisfaction 

But to leave behind a legacy 

And cause a chain reaction 

That many would have seen 

Fulfilling the literary dream 

Not just doing this 

For some mere green 

But to make a real difference 

And everything in between 

My approach to this 

May come off rough 

But being just okay 

Will never be enough 

I refuse to be out of touch 

Because I have evolved so much 

Ignoring anything with a crutch 

Punch for punch 

Blow by blow 

This is something about me 

That everyone needs to know 

And will not let go 

As I further explode 

Pouring this out in record flows 

And words that show 

More than just action 

Stirring up much positive and opposite reactions 

As I plan to gain more traction 

If you’re not supportive 

Then you’re a distraction 

For this I have the passion 

And will never allow 

The fire to go out 

This will be seen and witnessed abroad 

Without a doubt 

Works of art 

With the avid desire 

To take many people much higher 

And I will not falter or tire 

Away from this mission 

For I have a vision 

And urgent purpose 

Deep beneath and on top of the surface 

That I will write out 

Many poetic renditions 

With no conditions 

And under no circumstances 

Fall beneath being first 

And requiring second chances 

As the blazing fire that I am

With an ongoing thirst 

Cancelling out all the negative 

Rolling pass, the suggestive 

Never detested 

And well rounded 

Never staying grounded 

Because I am a flyer 

Soaring higher 

With work that will never expire 

So, listen to this and know this 

As I’m being engulfed 

By poetry the most 

And too much raw energy and oxygen 

Feeding the heat 

And always dire 

Hope you can come to grips 

As you feel this fire 


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