My dedication and journey of this art known as poetry….




I have dedicated myself

Into the world of poetry

An art form unlike anything else

That long ago called out to me

I have written for a very long time

And didn’t always share my work

Kept it all to myself

As my favorite dessert

But one day I realized

That the true goal of poetry

Is to light up the world

And everyone in it

No matter their skin tone

No matter where they are from

Because this literary art form

Goes beyond the norm

A poet seen and embraced

As a quiet storm

With words that get penned and move

In various ways

And yet each time displayed and read

It is meant to evoke the best

And enhance both individuals and groups

Of people all around this place

That we call Earth

And shine a light on each one

From the very first day of their life and birth

I take this seriously

I have a passion for this

And a fire that will never burn out

For if you ever doubt my resolve

Just look at my work and myself

You will never see a façade

But rather energy and artistic ability

Pushed through every piece

With every intention

To allow myself to evolve and increase

This talent of mine

Given to me from the beginning of my time

And will always allow my light to shine

And light up the rest of the world with it

Moving my words with a force

And will never go off course

This is not an option for me

But rather a calling

That I answered many years ago

To allow my work to make a real difference

And touch every single life that I can

As my work and art

Continue to grow

So just know

That no matter what

I am here to until the end

A weapon always ready

And within my hands

The paper and pen

A love for this art form

Embracing the lyrical and the literary

As each piece tells my story and journey

And refuse to be faded

For this poet will always be a poet

As you witness my passion for this art

During my poetic travels

With every piece created

Basking in the literary universe

That I call dedicated


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