The Ground We Walk On



The very ground we walk on

From the sand to the dirt

And the many streets

As we roam across this Earth

Many miles put upon feet

From the very first day

We began to walk

All the way

To the very end of life

Paths lit up and some without

Be must continue on through

Without a shadow of doubt

Or a shred of hesitation

Moving about these nations

And coming upon many faces

From all of the various places

During our lifetimes

Every time we try

And have cried

Asking the how and why

The beliefs we at times deny

No telling how many miles

We have traveled

Both inside and out

Taking steps right and wrong

Left and right

Or the ones we never took at all

Regret this after taking a fall

Missed out and helped to save self

And just how many of these steps

Wish they had been made somewhere else

The ground that surrounds

Going up and going down

And all around

Everywhere that we go

The one thing in this world

That we have all come to know

As we continue to grow and walk against

This natural floor

Allow your steps on it

To take you somewhere worth while

And leave you with more smiles

Than without

And keeping and staying sound

In both mind and body

Heart and soul

As we go forth and stroll

About this old world

And in this life

With the many stories that will be

Shared and told

As more experiences unfold

From the night to the dawn

And carrying on

So, here’s to making good use

Of the ground that we walk on


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