No Title



This poem  just came to mind

As I sit here thinking

Silently and quietly

While passing the time

No title in hand

But doesn’t stop nor slow down

The creative juices

When they start to flow

Where I’m going with this one

I do not know

But will write nonetheless

Because this poetic brain of mine

Never knows the meaning of rest

As a constant test of skill

When the words come to me

And the paper and pen then reveal

The lines and words

That I wasn’t sure when

They were going to occur

But they have arrived

And just in the nick of time

As I write and rhyme

With a steady smile

Each time I write a piece

Because I’ve been doing this for a while

And enjoy it everytime

For my light will never dim

Because it is just too busy

Shining away

And putting this feeling into words

I cannot always state

But I know what I’m thinking about

And will eventually say

That this engine here

Will never be stuck in idle

Now I have finally finished this poem

That had no title


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