Sitting Near Warmth



Much on the mind 

As you sit outside 

Thinking the entire time 

About life and where you are 

How far have you’ve come? 

And did your plans happen as you wanted 

Were they on par 

With all of your hopes and dreams 

As you sit here in silence 

Watching the dark clouds roll by 

Here in this very moment with self 

Looking around but there is 

No one else here but you 

Alone with all of your choices 

Just to name a few 

But then you just clear your mind 

And just try to enjoy at this time 

Being near some warmth 

And trying to relax to it 

Allowing your mind and heart 

To merge together and be congruent 

And that is all there is to it 

Thinking less right now 

Because the mind 

Can easily become crowded  

With everything and nothing at all 

So you have to make the call 

To choose to relax 

Or be consumed with your thoughts 

As your hair stands on end 

But in a good way 

Experiencing a feeling 

That is more than words can say 

Or even display 

Being near this heat 

Doesn’t require nothing else 

But your time and attention 

With the unique and only 

Simple intention of warming you up 

And being more than enough 

To get you through 

So just let go 

And take time out for just you 

You have nothing to lose 

So, you can stay wound up 

Or just chill if you so choose 

Lying absolutely still  

And having to do nothing else 

Other than just look after self 

But of course 

Just be you 

And draw even closer 

To the warmth 


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