Return To The Water



Going from land 

And making way to the shore 

Can’t wait for the water 

To brush against my feet 

And comeback for more 

It just gives off a certain aura 

That is hard to describe 

But you and I just know 

What I feel inside 

Each and every single time 

That my brown eyes 

Take in this view 

Glancing at the sea 

And a meeting between me and you 

So calm and exudes 

A natural ambience 

That I always choose  

To comeback to 

And how can I not 

This liquid wonder 

As it trots along 

And this will always be 

A place that I can call home 

And would never want  

To leave it alone 

Because making no return 

Would just seem wrong 

You will always be 

On my list of priorities 

And kept in a unique order 

Because I just can’t wait 

After a long absence 

To return to the water 


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