Always Poetic

The followup to the poem “Off the Cuff”




I am

Always poetic

Defying the aesthetic

Readily and steadily


Poetic energy that moves

And charges pass the kinetic

Lyrical rhymes

That go beyond the times

And enhances each piece

Becoming more magnetic

As more souls are reached

Through the literary

And quite the contrary

Of anything most thought

That it or this poet could ever be

Writing constantly

Being an anomaly

Conjuring up other works

That are still yet to be seen

Written and also in the mind

Digging deeper within my passion

For this unique art

And coming out with lines

Like it is flowing out of my pores

Hold on tight

Because there is more

That will eventually arrive

If only people could see

The fire that burns inside

As the flame and torch

Resides in my brown eyes

And will scorch

The words and works

That just aren’t ready

This poetic train always moves

With a strength and purpose

And it holds steady

It is me

And I am it

Becoming more involved and evolving

Because of this

Writing with one open hand

While the other is a closed fist

As my poetic mind

Never shuts off

As these thoughts will persist

On being everything, it can be

Soaring the literary

With an avid destiny

Always ready to go and flow

At a moment’s notice

And once I get going

There is no controlling this

As it takes me for the ultimate ride

And in doing so

I never ask why

Because more will come to know me

And what my work stands for

So just when you think I have run out

I come back with even more

Ready to do battle all over again

And with a poetic roar

But never hectic

Lyrical rhyming

With swiss timing

And always poetic


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