The Waterfall (Part 2)



Standing near this wonder 

And taking it all in 

Trying to describe what is being seen 

Where do I even begin? 

The waterfall 

The waterfall 

Flowing in front of me 

With such intrigue and beauty 

More than my eyes can see 

Nature at its best 

As it flows and moves about 

At its very best 

With a real test of appreciation for it 

As it never rests 

With a feeling that is kept 

Close to the chest 

The waterfall  

The waterfall 

Coming down right here 

Becoming even better 

As it appears 

Moving the water constantly 

With a rush and a sound 

That I can always hear 

My own private space 

Just enclosed right here 

Every time that I come near 

Unique and sharing its energy 

Ongoing with plenty of vastness and beauty 

Standing underneath the flow 

More water coming down 

Than one can even know 

Reaching out my hand 

To feel the sensation 

Dipping my feet in with no more waiting 

And debating on 

Just how much time I will spend here 

For it will be hard to leave 

Because the need and want 

To be here is evident 

This just feels in every way 

Like it is heaven sent 

And to be shared with all 

With the sole intent to enjoy 

Over and over again 

And never wanting this to end 

Captivated and enthralled by 

The waterfall 


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