The interaction of two or more things 

That as a combined effort 

Allows for a better result  

That this will bring 

Substances or other agents 

With positive energy 

That will be contagious 

And never outrageous 

To the point of many organizations 

And all of the lives and issues 

That will be facing 

A reality of sorts 

Coming back from a successful meeting 

With extraordinary results 

Done by esteemed individuals 

Coming together for a much greater cause 

Never running out of steam 

And lean on each other 

As an organized and energetic team 

That can do more as a collective 

Than anyone on their own 

And stand strong 

And not be left alone 

Or leave anyone in the cold 

But rather forge a real partnership 

And strive to be more bold 

Continuing efforts together 

So that you can move mountains 

As a whole 

And allowing this interaction  

To accomplish more than ten-fold 

With cooperation and consistency 

That will never get old 

Having the absolute tendency 

To render answers and solutions 

It its entirety 

Keeping up the energy 

With secrets that are never free 

But to share much with one another 

Helping to create a proper dynasty 

Always available  

And readily 


Surpass the petty 

Constant preparation 

To be ready 

At a moment’s notice 

And hold this ideal 

To the very basis 

Of a direct and much needed result 

To be revealed 

And to appeal 

Beyond any set plans 

And making people stand still 

To not regret it 

And a current running through 

That becomes magnetic 

And being overwhelmed by all the energy 

That took place 


Greater than the sums of a separate race 

When all can agree 

Coming together for good 

And activating synergy 


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