Cries Not Always Seen Or Heard

Tears that start and fall often, but go unseen….




The many cries that are

Unseen and never heard

But doesn’t mean

That this never occurred

Just because the action and voice

Of these words were never heard

Or seen with our own eyes

There in personal silence

And a distraught moment in time

On bended knee and asking why

Relying on hope just to get by

And how many of these cries

Call out for mercy and understanding

For if I could

Place my hands on the shoulders

Of each and every one there

That hurts and suffers on the daily

And just needing a minute of care

From anyone with a real heart

Hanging on for dear life

Wandering through strife

Hoping to not be torn apart

From the inside out

As they scream and shout

Frown and pout

In much need of rescue

Without a doubt

Cries within the quiet corners

And around with little sound

With an aura that surrounds

And cannot hide it

Undeniable and can’t fight it

Many need a light to shine on them

Because darkness doesn’t bring

Much in the way of being hopeful

And at times seems slim

So much unchecked despair

And a vast shortage of care

Crying out to the world

As their life continues to hurl

In the opposite direction

Of where it needs to go

With more agony than they can take

And being pushed pass the limit

As they have come to know

Nothing is random about this

And constantly occurs

People feeling stuck at the bottom

Of life’s list and unbeknownst to most

As these cries unfortunately

Are not always seen or heard


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