A Life Saved



Saving a life

Is not a small thing

The stress and strife

And what that brings

To one’s attention

For some a job and a mission

Others at the right place and time

With good intentions

Displaying much need and care

When in most cases

It is rarely there

More than just a helping hand

But to take a real stand

Reaching and rescuing someone

Whether woman or man

Girl or boy

And the absolute joy

That it should bring

Saving a life from the jaws

Of death

So that on tomorrow

They can hear that bird sing

With the light also

That the sun brings

And allowing this life

To ring and sing into another day

That at one time seemed finished

And in total dismay

Some are told

While others volunteer for this role

Allowing this life

To revive its soul

Saving them from death’s hold

As they get a second chance

To roll into the next day

And thank you is the least

That one can say

But also remember

And never forget

The heroic endeavor

With a mark that was left

Just don’t forego

Who you see in the mirror

As a new morning unfolds

Because the life you save

May also be your own


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