Day One

Something to think about….




From the very beginning

Our very being and surroundings

Were intended to be winning

Not sorrow and death

Iniquity and agony

But a natural harmony

Synonymous with us and our Creator

But later

We decided to go against

What was meant for us

When instead

We should have stayed and believed

In the Creator we must trust

Death wasn’t apparent before sin

Disobeying him is when this actually began

Now since then

We are born into this world

Full of sin

And of a sinful nature

Even from birth

Already wrong it seems

From our very first arrival on Earth

Pretty much cursed

Right out of the gate

This is not up for a debate

And for heaven’s sake

We must get back to

The original plan

Laid out for every woman and man

Shout it out

Don’t count it out

Getting back to the days

Of predestined ancestral ways

At a time when we truly

Did obey and not be easily swayed

By sin and evil

Having to succumb to this upheaval

That ruined us as a people

And a nation

Caused by being ungrateful

Holding up proper progress

With a constant stagnation

And no real growth

This problem is far bigger

Than most of us truly know

Or can admit to

Turned slave from among the chosen few

Prison minded

And hard headed

Giving ourselves credit

That we were never due

And chose to

Discredit the only one

That it actually belonged to

Day one to the end

Will count how it is spent

Making a choice to live right

And not be further hell-bent

On doing the unnatural way

And out of order

This must cease

Among the sons and daughters

Of our Father above

Decked out with hate and division

Instead of obedience and love

Have thrown this entire world

Out of sync

Not realizing just how closely

All of our lives link

To each other and nature

Going through this life

In such a blur

What will it take?

For change to actually occur

Change starts inside of you

Then moves to the outside

Be a light not darkness

That could enhance lives

Being wrong just for fun

And continue to shun

Everyone trying to outdo

The other one

None of us have won

The sins of this world

Weighing a ton

What have we done?

Hoping and praying

That most of us will see

And go well beyond

Just day one


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