By The Pale Moonlight



In the still of the night 

Dancing around 

In the pale moonlight 

As I gaze upon the stars 

That seem very close 

But at the same time very far 

While the moon shines away 

Rising from its position 

As the night puts away the day 

And even some would say 

That the moon enters the sky 

As the evening and night make way 

Exiting the sun 

From the entirety of the day 

Placing myself right beneath 

Its vastly cool rays of light 

Enjoying every minute of this 

And putting up no fight 

As my thoughts of it 

Are beginning to take flight 

Trying to embrace its radiance 

With all of my might 

Taking in its essence 

Absorbing its very presence 

Watching to the point 

That it seems as if 

Time is just standing still 

And I arrived at the perfect time 

For its reveal 

Regal and lighting up the dark 

With such a glow 

I have lost count of the nights 

That I’ve visited in a row 

In such a trance 

But never losing my balance 

As I move and groove 

And in tune  

All across the land 

Right where it is lighting up 

And glaring off of my hands 

At a constant pace  

As my eyes indicate 

The wonder and awe 

That appears and matches my face 

So back to the beginning of my case 

Basking in the still of the night 

Dancing all around 

And making very little sound 

By the pale moonlight 


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