The Place To Be

Where I can just be me….




Have found the time 

To travel and get away 

With a place in mind 

That I can’t wait to get to 

Leaving behind the stresses 

And the daily routine 

Due to running out of steam 

The monotony of the same old 

Time to escape and head somewhere bold 

And supersede so that it 

Will put a smile on my face 

As soon as I arrive 

With the main objective 

Is to have a good time 

And relax for a while 

Right after getting there 

Ending with the last mile 

To take in an ocean breeze 

And enjoy the view 

From many angles and degrees 

Sipping a cool drink 

As I glance at some palm trees 

The road to there 

Is what I need to be on 

Waking up to a beautiful view 

From the break of dawn 

To move and groove 

From day to night 

And enjoying awesome food 

With every single bite 

For I have the right 

To enjoy myself 

And to leave home for a bit 

Being somewhere else 

And such a place and activities  

Do come to mind 

Utterly relaxed and not worried about the time 

As I revitalize 

The much-needed energy inside 

And oh my 

I’m in no rush to leave here 

Because it is more than okay 

To up and disappear 

An escape to hold most dear 

Full of pictures and memories 

Having the chance 

To fulfill this need 

So, leave me alone 

If you please 

As I’m out of communication range 

While residing temporarily 

Within the serene 

As I journeyed to  

And putting my mind and body at ease 

Currently chilling 

At the place to be  


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