Confined To A Box

Men go through things also. Especially when it comes to being too hard or too soft and at times during his life he feels very lost. 




Many men go through this

Raised to feel nothing for the most part

To just get over it and move on

But has then been done wrong?

To have both a dark and light heart

Strong with one but with much complaint

Too weak if you access the other

These are the very things

That have befallen my brothers

And many men alike

Despite your color scheme

Whether dark or light

It is just something

That we can’t seem to get right

And trying to find any type of balance

Is a real challenge

Because society has labeled us as a whole

But no one cares enough to expose

This ongoing trend

And just when

Will we sit down and truly discuss this?

As each man feels he needs closed fists

And harness this to carry on

Because him feeling any type of emotion

Just isn’t allow to exist

Or persist on any level

Except when it comes to love

And even then

There are boundaries and limits

Placed on him

From beginning to end

And every man has thought at least once

That I just can’t seem to win

Working to the bone

And at times very much alone

Seen as lazy with no job

Even though he’s working on things

But if it doesn’t quickly occur

He is not met with friendliness

And not much of a man

Yet he is expected to understand

And cater to everyone else

Be a walking bank account

And never show any weakness

I could go on here

But I just don’t feel the need

For many that will see and read this

It will hit home

And just know my brothers

That you are not alone

Where do we go from here?

Is a question I cannot answer

But try not to seal up your emotions

Or they will infect you like cancer

I wish that I could tell you

That this will stop

But more than likely it will not

As we deal with

The same old song and dance

We have to find a balance

To this ongoing issue

And hopefully one day

We’ll all get there

Both me and all of you

To us all

And work to unlock

In order to move pass

Being confined to a box


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