Drowning Reality

The reality that many live with everyday….




Around this world of ours 

Many are feeling as if 

They just exist  

But not truly living 

Upon every waking hour 

Lying still in a moment of silence 

Staring into the mirror 

Of a withered flower 

Trying to adhere to life challenges 

As many circle through the unbalances 

Of being a pawn on a very large chess board 

So much so that they can’t even see the edges 

Drowning every day in suffering and sorrow 

Stresses and strife 

Apparent with most 

Through the duration of their entire life 

In the middle of the water 

With no land in site 

Reaching for a life jacket 

Where there isn’t one 

With the vast inability 

To live life well 

And actually, enjoy it and have fun 

Being the bait 

That is tied to a tree 

And can feel the weight of the world 

On their shoulders 

Witnessing themselves being devoured 

By the vilest predators 

That run and control it all 

Steering the masses wrong 

And plunging them to a fall 

Ruling them through fear 

Watching as the life energy 

For most people just seems to disappear 

As they maneuver each day 

Just trying to survive 

With tears sitting full 

Inside of their eyes 

And to no surprise 

Being part of the social circles 

That are the most despised 


Because the fact of the matter is 

For most people in this world 

This is the drowning reality 


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