To Clear My Mind



The need to be

In a place where I can see

My very thoughts and surroundings

Come into peace

So just let me be

One with myself and my thoughts

Not what I ought to do

But rather paint a real picture

Of what I should do

And need to do

With most having no clue

But I know what I want

As my thoughts come into focus

And not taunt

What I know is needed

And will not rest nor sleep

Until I have succeeded

And proceeded

To that quiet place

With my very own space

And staying there until

Calm and peace displays on my face

Looking around after feeling

So out of place

And in this case

I look in the mirror

And it looks back at me

Looking into eyes

That know where they need to be

And taking the journey there

Because I am very aware

Of what I need

And once I actually get there

I can finally be free indeed

Staring out of the place

That granted peace

Stepping outside to breathe

In the very air

That is now erasing despair

So much so

That it has vanished

And left no trace

Like it was never there

With all the unsettled times

Just left behind

And the ties that bind

Have chosen to find

So that my light can truly shine

Because life at this point

Has fallen in line

And it’s about time

Because I have arrived

And now reside

Seek and ye shall find

Now able to smile

In this place that is so kind

That has finally allowed me

To clear my mind


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