Where do you begin, when the flow of emotions have no end….?




Connecting to deep emotions 

Flowing through one as the oceans 

Leaving intellect in this moment 

Off to the side 

Because at this time 

You are on a complete high 

And your emotions right now 

Is where you reside 

Relating to the deepness 

That dwells inside 

Channeling volumes of fluidity 

That you just cannot hide 

Because it is lit up 

Right in your eyes 

Inward and outward 

And rolling toward 

Anyone within view 

So much feeling 

Coming out of you 

Deep seated 

And deep rooted 

As the depths of the sea 

Diving deeper than anyone  

Knows it to be 

And yet secretly 

And discreetly 

At various times 

Lying down in the dark 

Where light tends to not shine 

While in your feelings  

And within the recesses of your mind 

Logic at this time 

Is nowhere to be found 

But you know that  

Your feelings are sound 

Inside of your heart 

And around your body 

As these surrounds 

All of your very being 

Changing like the seasons 

And seeing is believing 

In this regard 

As you journey far 

Into depths of more emotion 

Flowing along as the oceans 

And for you this may seem critical 

As the rest of us get a visual 

Witnessing you in the confines 

Of occupying the visceral 


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