She Basks In Shadows



She lies awake at night 

With tears streaming from her eyes 

Feeling more comfortable outside the light 

As the darkness lies inside 

Her heart has been broken many times 

With many safeguards in place 

If only love could just fall in line 

And be able to recognize this 

Upon her face 

Efforts and energy wasted 

That cannot be replaced 

Tired most of the time 

Thinking that goes on for miles 

Reaching for the simplest thing 

But it won’t allow her to smile 

Not even for a little while 

Because strife has become her reality 

Lying awake at night 

With the inability daily 

To move on with life 

She needs new purpose 

To start within 

Then come to the surface 

And radiance around her being 

Cause confidence and getting herself together 

Needs to be more of the reasons 

To push ahead 

She prefers to smile instead 

But when she heads in that direction 

Her feet feel like lead 

And weighted down from top to bottom 

She has truly lost herself 

And how-to self-love and be awesome 

A flower that has withered 

Just begging to come alive 

And begin to blossom 

As new breaths of fresh air 

Starts to enter 

She begins to gain her center 

But with much work to do on herself 

And a long way to go 

Cannot depend on anyone else 

To help get her through 

And this she knows 

As the tears roll 

While letting the past go 

She realizes that the world 

Will continue to go on without her 

As she feels barely missed 

Time to kiss the pain goodbye 

And learn again to be present 

To step outside 

To the beginning of a new day 

Because life will not change 

Or take shape until she finds the way 

She is the plant 

That requires new growth 

To rise and reach towards the sky 

And no longer bask 

Deep in the shadows 


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