To Travel About



Commuting on the daily 

Moving about as a routine 

Caught up with the hustle and bustle 

With no notion 

Of what lies in between 

And so, it seems 

That the very motion 

And time spent 

Through all the commotion 

Wandering where the time went 

Do we ever stop to take a breath? 

For just a second 

And see what is going on around us 

I reckon we don’t do this enough 

With most of us into our own stuff 

And staying out of touch 

Unless it is through the digital 

So much so 

That we have forgotten about the physical 

Aspects of all of this 

As human interactions 

Have come and went 

With much of our time spent 

On the go or on our devices 

Every effort made for this 

And sacrifices 

What truly matters most 

Trying to acquire more material things 

To go and boast about 

Toast that you got it 

And to display the whereabouts 

Scream and shout 

Tend to pout when we have to go without 

Legs moving constantly 

To the next place to be 

So that everyone can see me 

On the move constantly 

At a rate we just don’t see 

Always traveling somewhere 

Without a doubt 

When at times we need to anchor down 

And move less out and about 


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