System Analysis

Followup to the poem “Universal Analysis”




As we go about this life 

Pondering and wandering  

Between the wrong and right 

And the lesser of two evils 

As the world itself goes through an upheaval 

Much peace and hope need a retrieval 

As we all journey through the universal 

Passing through life mostly unprepared 

Stuck in a dress rehearsal 

When reality exposes itself 

Right before our eyes 

Not enough people can get with the times 

Darkness has succumbed many 

And have forgotten how to shine 

While telling countless lies 

Corruption as a vast enterprise 

Indoctrination to no surprise 

While even the very spies 

Have us all in their sites 

Politicians continue to bite down 

On everyone but themselves 

To hell with care 

And be made very aware 

Of the air around, us 

As we continue to fight with one another 

Cuss and fuss 

While the deception continues 

While we see this from a different view 

One that has us blindfolded 

And wouldn’t know the difference 

Even if showed it 

A system that has drawn many lines 

And over time 

Persecutes the despised 

Consistently grinds 

Suffering shown upon many eyes 

While the elite wine and dine 

Within their cozy confines 

Feeding racism and hate 

On the daily as these combine 

People can’t seem to make up their mind 

And drawing lines in the sand 

Broken houses that cannot stand 

Foundations cracked all over the land 

And all the problems that we face 

Have been cooked up by man 

This is something that very few understand 

With the hidden and secret plans 

That continues to disband 

The entire world over 

Leaving everyone in a state 

Of being a rover 

And many times, over 

Despicable deeds done undercover 

And behind closed doors 

Times are at their worst 

What else did you thing 

All of this was actually for 

Not enough will come together 

In order to help restore 

Too busy chatting about nothing 

While using metaphors 

With no actions in place or set 

But yet 

Ask for more 

Uncooperative to the core 

Carrying on and turning the head away 

From the actual issues 

While the world continues to be cold and sore 

Dragging on yet we all ignore 

The mere fact that this world 

Is in complete paralysis 

I will not drop it 

I’m doing a diagnostic 

Looking at the entire picture as a whole 

And every critical characteristic 

With good having been put on hold 

And the evil has been adamant 

Taking the temperature of it all 

While in observation  

I just can’t stand this 

And from every angle conducting 

A system analysis


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