The Process

The chance to see a poet at work….




Welcome to the turf 

Of seeing the process of poetry at work 

As the poet exerts 

Stand by and watch 

As the magic happens 

While the pen and paper capture 

All of the written words 

With more to come 

As the passion and fun 

Radiates from the very mission 

Of a poet of one 

As they retreat into their mode 

To have each piece exposed 

And shine brightly as the sun 

And for it to reach everyone 

The art itself 

To never be outdone 

For in the poet’s mind 

No matter what 

They have already won 

Witness the thought process 

And with it the gravity 

To see how this gets formed 

Poetry in its entirety 

A chance to observe 

This quiet storm in play 

Written artwork with a fiery inlay 

Having experienced this 

In its very raw form 

And nothing about this  

Will ever become the norm 

Due to all of its intricacies 

And unique complexities 

Pushing the poet to another state of being 

And need no further reasons 

To engage in the literary 

Though each poet varies 

When it comes to style and form 

Motivation and skill 

Ever so charmed 

And preparing for the next reveal 

Thoughts and words disguised 

Within the mind 

Until they get revised 

And eventually get written 

Then surprise every set of eyes 

That reads or hears 

Every word that the poet comprised 

And compiled together 

No matter the day or night 

Or despite the weather 

Watching a mind never at rest 

And always strives to be the best 

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed 

As all of this was constructed 

And put together 

In that very moment of silence 

And quiet writing 

As you got to witness 

Time stand still 

With art that is inviting 

And allow that moment 

To drill and instill into your memory 

As the poet and poetry 

And that this art form can attest 

There in the shadow of the artist 

As they complete the process 


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