Moving At The Speed Of Sound



As the physical embodiment 

Running all around 

Feeling the intensity 

Of a being a carrier 

Breaking the barrier 

While moving at the speed of sound 

Am I dreaming here 

Or can this truly happen 

And amazed when found 

The reality in my mind 

Pulsing for miles  

And all around 

From the inside out 

Moving at rate of speed 

Considered inhuman 

Yet feel the need 

To embrace and proceed 

As I continue to feed 

Every square inch of the body 

With a vast array of energy 

That will potentially 

Take me well beyond 

That which I can sense or see 

And definitely 

Blow pass the trees 

Leave fire in the streets 

Turning self into 

A blurring streak 

Like a light that is lasered

Traveling so fast 

It can hardly be measured 

Securing the dream 

Of the feeling of soaring 

Among the clouds 

But instead reaching this goal 

Right here on the ground 

Hope you get to witness

From miles around 

The enhanced being that is me 

Moving at the speed of sound 


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