Digital Home



We belong to the cell phone 

As so it appears 

Technology is controlling us 

And all we do is cheer 

It on in every way 

Like zombies we are 

Each and everyday 

We can’t put the devices down 

Not even for a minute 

Too busy staring down into them 

With no real attention to be found 

Outside of these toys 

Depending on and basing them 

To give some type of joy 

And oh boy 

It will get worse I suspect 

Continuing on until there is nothing left 

Of a person or anything else 

So, what comes next? 

Since we can’t leave them alone 

Just carrying on 

And might as well 

Start calling these our new home 

From now to the end 

Alienating self away from family and friends 

And even significant others 

We need to start paying 

More attention to each other 

And hopefully one day 

The process will begin 

Because technology I’m afraid 

Has become our new best friends 


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