The Water (Part 2)



Something we sorely need 

And just as vital 

As the air we breathe 

So, as we proceed 

To indulge this natural entity 

A resource to every degree 

And seen as important 

To everybody 

Despite location or culture 

But there are those 

That consume and attempt to 

Keep it away from the masses 

Like the vultures they are 

And this is just going too far 

Placing many in the position 

Of living subpar 

From this natural wonder 

No one should have to go without 

Or even ponder over 

Where they can receive it 

Go there as it was intended 

And retrieve it 

Enjoying it to the fullest 

As it encapsulates the body 

Mind and soul 

Running through the veins 

As the heart throws and pumps 

It through as the blood  

Running throughout this intricate glove 

And felt going down 

Like the rain above 

That showers the very ground 

And placed all over the Earth 

As it vastly surrounds 

Many areas here 

This is the main source of nutrition 

That cannot ever disappear 

With the very mission 

To keep attrition and quality 

Cleansing the body 

And purifying much 

Making its way through 

Everywhere and such 

Something that we all 

Should have constant access to 

And keep revitalizing 

So, nothing inside or out 

Ever turns blue 

Not now or later 

Out of the mist or water vapor 

Enough for all 

And made for a natural order 

So that every living being 

Can have the water 


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