Hitting the ears unpleasantly 

Jarring and disturbing 

From what the eyes can see 

Tones and undertones 

Made harsh by speech 

Effectively causing disturbance 

Within each moment reached 

Personal safety breached 

With a vast lesson to teach 

About this life as a whole 

With too many actions 

That are dangerous and risky 

Yet bold as they unfold 

From what has been shown and now told 

To forego the new and repeat the old 

Stating with many examples 

Not taken very seriously 

Not meant literally 

As you embrace the hyperbole 

Just a path seen with urgency 

Not shown the benefit of doubt 

Nor any common courtesy 

Of the claims present here 

Opinions run rampant 

While utter hope disappears 

Forged into an arrow 

Yet thrown like a spear 

And seen for miles and days 

No smiles but frowns 

As this continues always 

And taking negative shape 

Just dying for an escape 

With an array of emotions 

That just cannot be faked 

As they are raked over the coals 

Standing ideally by and exposed 

And I suppose 

That this occurrence is on a roll 

Causing a disturbance as the goal 

The beginning of a story 

That no one will ever want told 

No matter whose around 

This event surrounds 

Moves up and down 

The interruption of inherent sound 

Very unpleasant when heard 

As you cover your ears 

And drop to the ground 


Erratic level 

Pitching high decibels 

All around us 

And just too much 

Vaguely and virtually untouched 

As this tells the story 

It makes the heart bleed

A mixture of the piercing and harsh 

That fully encompasses 

The cacophony 


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