A Storm Is Coming



A storm is coming and forming

That will eventually surpass the ongoing

The storm is brewing

And being fed by the ever pursuing

People that bring chaos upon this world

As they continue to hurl

Everyone else into an abyss

And checking off their list

As they continue to persist

To seek and reek of destruction

This event and situation

Needs no introduction

But rather an ending

As we all look around

And can feel the impending

Doom to which is inevitable

And how we arrived here

Is disturbing and incredible

The lengths and steps taken

To bring us to the verge

And the very eve of degrading

Yet merging darkness over light

And making sure nothing will be alright

But with much oversight

Because there are always consequences

For not doing what is right

And continue to overlook

How all of this will one day

Comeback to bite

In more ways than one

As they refuse to be outdone

And cheering the very mention

Of all the suffering ones

That they feel they’re above

With much evil to speak of

As they bully

Push and shove

While exerting and exacting their ways

Onto the masses

Like a tactical carrier wave

Never hidden from eyesight

And always on display

But in either case

When all is said and done

They will not be victorious

Because their deceitful acts

Traded a loss instead of

Saying we won

And their reaction will be alarming

Cause for them

Yet in a very different way

A storm is coming


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