The Messenger



One who delivers news

Walking or running

To get the message to you

The contents of this message

May be verbal or written

As this person has taken

This upon themselves

With great responsibility

And most voluntarily

Though not everyone is smitten

With the message given

As they look to the one

That arrived with this

With news that can be hit or miss

But don’t kill the messenger

Just because you don’t like this

Look towards the one that you received this from

And just trying to make sure

That their job is done

Most never know what the message contains

As their pulse is steady rising

On their way to you

While this will be surprising

And not always bringing

Glad tidings

Their just in place

To make sure you receive

As they proceed to give

What belongs to you

Say thanks to this person

And bid them adieu

As they carried your news

Through thick and thin

And at times against the elements

Just to get this message to you

And left for you

Be mindful of the words that you choose

And be polite to the one

That delivered your news

At least you have it in hand

And in a timely fashion

And because of this brave action

Their job is to your satisfaction

So, remember that it could’ve been worse

Had you never received this message

Causing a negative and potential

Harm or hurtful reaction

That will affect you

Just think what would have happened

Had you never got this news

Or on time

What affect would this have had on you

Down the line

So, they grind

To find you

They ensure the safety of the message

Just to get it to you

So next time you see

Or have this experience

Felt inside to the slightest integer

Just be grateful for this person

That goes by title

The messenger


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