Crashing The Coast



One of the scenes when near by

And seen the most

Is the fierce and rushing waves

Crashing against the coast

A feast for the eyes

Even where rough weather lies

And the tides are very high

As fog and clouds

Are seen from the sky

With no sunlight present

As the waters move about

Increasingly and crescent

Steadily active and displaying its essence

Standing nearby and in plain view

Watching each wave as it grew

From where I am

I have clear line of sight

Embracing and taken in

This moment of dim light

Both gray and grim

As the waters push towards the shore

And leaves behind a line and trim

And my presence here

Is made unaware

Until I walk down to the sand

And leave my footprints there

Even though the day is not clear

I am so glad

That I decided to come here

With one of many natural scenes

That I adore the most

And each time boast

As I continue to observe

And stay a little while

As the ocean crashes into the coast


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