Head In The Clouds



As my thoughts abound

All around inside

Feeling like they’ve been going for miles

But my very thoughts are sound

Within my own mind

Finding that with time

As I gather my thoughts

Words for line

Line for every word

And just how often

This actually occurs

Whether I’m feeling up or down

Good or bad

As I stand up

And look above my head

To the very sky and clouds

Wanting to be up there

And just fly around

Soaring and free

As I stare at the ground

And never ready

To come down

Hoping that my feet

Never touch the ground again

So here I am once again

Leaving the very places

Where I have been

And pushing myself away

From anything that resembles the negative

That would cause me to frown

Looking at the world from upside down

From my very position

With the intention

Of keeping my attention and focus

On where I am now

Starting to pick at the pace

As my thoughts fly around

Yet focused and intensified

Intact and satisfied

Floating above

With my head in the clouds


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