As You Will See

The followup to the poem “You Will Find Me”




The amount of works in a row

That most will come to know

Written and completed by me

As you will see

You will discover with me

That I write constantly

And require a quiet place

To hone each piece

So, if you’re looking for me

As you will see

You will find me

Very focused indeed

Coming up with the next poem

Filled with much thought and intrigue

As you will see

Me writing any hour of the day

Or even the night

And at times running out of ink

Under the pale light

As I continue to sink

My thoughts and words

Into each one written

As they go from secret and hidden

To an official debut

With a timely reveal

Wrote with heart and truth

As the very last word seals

This finished piece

As you will see

My skill increases

Well over time

With every intent

To let my light shine

Right onto others

And throughout this Earth

As you only see the finished work

With me having the only perks

Of witnessing it from its birth

As you will see

That my very destiny

Calls out to me within poetry

As I set sail

To establish my next vision

And further enhance my dreams

Lyrically and artistically

Send shockwaves out

With each poem seen

And you will find

That what this is all about

Is the evolution of a poet

With the hopes that my work

Will last and far surpass

Well beyond me

After this world

Is finally done with me

In the mists

Of this thing called poetry

Is where you

Will always find me

At every degree

Pushing this art form

To its capacity

Seeing it in my sleep

Constant movement even when awake

As this is always the case

And I accept my fate

Always known to me

For if you pay close attention

And continue to witness

You will also see

The poetic works

That represent me

And my very being


As you will see


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