Cracked Open

Beware of fake and untrustworthy people




People change in ways

That you don’t expect

Being nice one day

And different the next

People that choose a path

That only works for them

And when asked

They tend to play victim

No responsibility to be had

And this is quite sad

Dealing with monsters

They don’t seek help for

Nor do they control

Pushing many out the door

Leaving behind a toll

Of people they help destroy

Because doing the right thing

They just feel annoyed

Words that pierce

Actions that tell the story

Too black in the mind to hear

Showing their true nature

In all of its glory

Nothing shy of

Sinister and gory

They leave behind cracks

But never seal any of them

Respect they surely lack

With eyes that are cold and dim

No self-respect

Or so they think

Bound to crash eventually

They’re on the brink

Out of control

And misery loves an audience

Watching their antics unfold

With selfishness used as ordinance

You will see

They enjoy being shrouded in mystery

But sooner or later

Their mesh will fall

Because these perpetrators

Will attempt to hurt us all

They truly believe

That karma doesn’t apply to them

For their wicked ways

Just continue to hide and deceive

Twist trust into a lie

And a coward for days

They dish out confusion and wrecks

These people have no regard

For the word respect

Startle and bash whoever they meet

Yet always too weak

To handle their own heat


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