The Waterfall



Taking a walk or hike 

To get to a destination 

That always seems right 

And also, quite nice 

As it appeals to all 

Can wait to arrive and see 

The waterfall 

A wonder of nature 

And a feast for the eyes 

As it entices and thrills 

Each and every time 

Taken through the senses and pores 

And looking forward to more 

And can take a consensus 

This instance at a sight 

That most will want to stay for a while 

With no rush 

Fascinated as a child 

Hoping that time will stand still 

So that we can absorb and feel 

Everything it has to offer 

While on display as the image reel 

As this unique sight 

Just continues to drill 

Into each mind in its presence 

And just waiting for more 

To experience its essence 

Come one 

Come all 

And be sure to add this 

To your memory and life 

And be enthralled 

By one of the various joys of nature 

Called the waterfall 


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