The Source



The tell all book

Exposing and indicating

All of the history there

If you just take a real look

Go from beginning to end

Genesis to Revelations

And read about who you are

So much present there

By far

And overlooked in many ways

Over the years

And taught every way

But on par

With the real truth

Buried inside of it

And especially you

If you take the time

To really learn

And truly discern

All that lies in this book

So take a real look

And not a glance

Skimming through it

You’ll miss the chance

To assimilate what you need

Then take heed

To plant a new seed

For new growth

And a new you

Taking a real oath

To improving and finding out

What truly lies before you

In real truth scattered about

Beyond just word of mouth

And hidden truths

That were never brought

Before you or your attention

Or even taught or mentioned

Read and comprehend it

To prepare for your reinvention

And truly live the life

With the actual identity

Of who you really are

And have always been

Instead of living with lies

As the constant trend

The bible is your source

It is your very best friend

From now to the end

To find out where you have been

And to where you are going

But you not knowing

This is the paper to the pen

And vital as the air you breathe

Take this book to further proceed

And give you the real chance

For your life to succeed


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