Cold World

The frigid and rigid souls that continue to be cold and mean, with no sense of care or peace in between….




Hearts gone cold

And have froze

No longer hidden away

Because they’re now exposed

And just who knows

Where this will go next

Tell me if you will

Is there any care left?

I’ll wait for the answer

Hate and evil moving about this world

As a malignant cancer

Destruction with the purpose

Of engulfing it all

Of course, this is urgent

But yet we continue to fall

Further and further away

With each rising day

And the cool nights

Acting this way

Cause most will do this until the dying day

And their very last breath

Literally failing constantly

The most vital tests

Since when did it ever become okay

To ignore being at our best

To substitute wrong for right

Sitting around watching

And participating as the darkness bends light

Yet anticipating change with no real efforts made

Just who have we’ve become anyway?

Nothing good I’m afraid

As peace and harmony

Gets pushed further and further away

So much so that it’s out of our view

And would we really go for it

If it was there to choose

As harm and abuse

Has become the standard

We have become too accustomed

To living and acting haphazard

With bad behavior seen as cool

And praising those that act as fools

If we don’t change very soon

We will all lose

Much maintenance is needed

And more are needed to acquire the tools

So, we can get to work

Finding and implementing solutions

That will help carry us through

And leave behind this self-destruction

That we continue to twirl around in

So, we can eventually warm up

This cold world we reside in


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