To Bring Hope (Part 2)



My poetry is setup to be 

Very inspiring and motivating 

Because in this cruel world 

More people need to hear 

Kind and moving words 

More often than they actually occur 

I want to bring hope to the masses 

And shine a light 

When everyday life is taxing 

And not because someone was asking 

But rather this is my mission 

And to complete my vision 

With every original rendition 

To push hope where there is none 

To show hope to everyone 

Bringing something different to the table 

As long as I’m willing and able 

And continue to be capable 

Using my poetry as a catalyst 

To evoke and promote change 

No matter if it seems strange 

Because there is people out there 

That need to see and hear this 

And have their hearts and minds touched 

Instead of staying the same 

Taking in words that will mean so much 

As my poetry will never be 

Out of their range 

Access to motivation 

When you feel the weight of this world 

And constant aggravation 

To heed my words and curl them 

Into a light that will brighten your day 

Touching your life in a positive way 

And I have no intentions 

Of quitting anytime soon 

As with each poetic invention 

To help heal and seal up 

All of those lingering wounds 

I hope for this 

To not be a solo mission 

But if it is 

I will still continue on 

As many look and listen 

Not afraid to stand for those 

Who have lost all hope 

Just use my words and work 

To bring yourself up and cope 

It may not be the cure 

But it is worth putting together 

An antidote 

That hopefully many will endure 

Allow my poetry 

To open a new door for you 

And this becomes the norm 

Because this quiet storm 

Aims to keep many hearts warm 

And speak the truth 

With each piece 

Is where I will begin 

And write until the very end 

More and more 

And help to restore 

Some kind of balance 

In a world left sore 

As I embark on this trend 

Helping people’s fears decrease 

As I bring hope once again 


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