The Cool Night Air

My thoughts as I exercise the poetic mind….




Looking out of the window 

I can see the breeze 

Sweeping across the many trees 

I decide to take a closer look 

Putting down my written book 

As I proceed to step outside 

And looking up at the moon 

To where it resides 

And right then is when I smile 

Taken in the dark view 

Of this silent night 

Standing still in the dim light 

As the cool air brushes my face 

With a feeling that cannot be replaced 

The sensation is felt inside 

As I take my time 

To enjoy this moment 

Staring at the area around me 

And can clearly see 

That this very night 

Was meant just for me 

I take a sit 

Right here outside 

And began to write 

For this will take a while 

Because I just might 

Pen quite a few lines 

Writing about this very moment 

In time 

As I engage with it 

With each written line 

The night gave me 

Something to write about 

As I’m aware 

So, I will meet it halfway 

And call it fair 

Providing me with material 

As the gears turn in my mind 

Thinking about the literal 

While also writing the lyrical 

For in this very moment  

It is critical 

That I get this out 

Before the words go missing 

And forget what this is about 

As I complete this piece 

Right here in this chair 

Enjoying every minute 

Of the cool night air 


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