The Poet and Poetry

The goal of a poet should be to shine a light on everyone and shake up the world….




A writer of the literary arts 

And aims to one day 

Be set apart 

From the many works of poetry 

Having their work remembered 

Clear to eternity 

And though it would seem 

And everything in between 

To have these original and unique 

Pieces be seen and shared 

In order to shake up the world 

And just as rare as a flawless pearl 

Scattered about the sky and sea 

With many open interpretations 

To this art called poetry 

As poets see the world 

From a very different view 

Stirring up emotions 

Between the piece and you 

Evoking thoughts at a level 

Only known to a select few 

The poet is an anomaly 

Not the standard or norm 

Not the rule but an exception 

Masquerading as a quiet storm 

With words that appeal 

And can keep the heart warm 

The poet and poetry 

As you will see 

That it takes to some degree 

Of separating self 

From the rest of humanity 

But only in those quiet moments 

As the words and thoughts are gathered 

To compile and construct new ways 

Of serving a vision that will matter 

Leaving the silent place 

And coming face to face 

With everyone around 

Composing written artwork 

Through ups and downs 

Causing smiles and frowns 

As the words can travel for miles 

And be seen 

For the whole world to be reached 

A written dream from the start 

Spreading captivating art 

With a lyrical and literary spin 

From beginning to end 

And witnessed consistently 

Absorbing the radiance and ambience 

Of the poet and poetry 


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