What else am I to do

When this art form calls

Me to write a few

Poems beyond the norm

With me as a quiet storm

And the calm afterwards

For all to see

Do I continue on

Even when no one is around

Do I continue to write?

When the work makes no sound

And rising like smoke

To the sky from the ground

Do I continue to evolve?

Well pass my ability

And reap the rewards and merit later

Even for the life after me

As I compose the words

Line for line

With tone and meaning

That has yet to be read or heard

Waiting patiently for the next title

And at times unnerving

But moving pass self-serving

To be the voice where there is none

To induce and spread the words

Even if I’m the only one

Speaking to myself

When no one is around

The thoughts in my head

Are ready to get out and surround

Before it all goes down

And moving at times at the speed of sound

Always a smile and never a frown

As these poetic words abound

And sit upon my head as a crown

Lyrically and mysteriously

Artistic mixed with the literary

And it often times varies

Through every motion of the kinetic

Words soaring and energizing the poetic

And with each read

They won’t regret it

For I have always said it

Not just to one but many

The journey

The frequency

The key

Very much seen throughout me

And the poetic powers that be



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