A message to my people




To move away from

All that we know

And have ever known

To just leave alone

The bad habits and ways

Going on far too many days

That never lead to

Anywhere constructive

Only maximizing the destructive

All the time wasted and spent

Because of all of this

It is now overdue

To reinvent ourselves

Not from nowhere

But right here now

In this very moment and place

And current position

Time to began a new rendition

Severing all worthless conditions

And reposition ourselves

Like never before

Let go of the old

Then just restore

And get back to

The real purpose and mission

That was always

Meant for you

No deals

And lying still

But better yet

Reinvent the wheel

And help seal

A better future

While there is still time

To do so

Move now

And not wait around

For a better tomorrow

When something can be done

Today and accomplished soon

No more division to loom

Get the ducks in a row

People enhanced by the sun

With faces far too long

Frozen by frowns

And feeling nothing but down

Rebuild and regroup

Go and surround

One another

Sisters and brothers

From around this world

And set the example

For the boys and girls

The issues and urgency

Face us all now

And reinvention

Is the cure to how


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